Oqtane Labs Inc and Devessence Inc


By: Shaun Walker

I am excited to announce Oqtane Labs Inc, a software product company that will focus on providing dedicated leadership, resources, and commercial services for the Oqtane Framework. This includes product-oriented services such as documentation, templates, training, licensing, and support, etc... The company will also be responsible for increasing visibility and exposure of the product, and will provide the infrastructure to support a viable commercial ecosystem.

In addition to the product-related services outlined above, successful software products generally benefit from specialized system integrators and consultants who are skilled at helping clients with their custom implementations. To satisfy this need for the Oqtane Framework, Oqtane Labs is proud to announce an official partnership with Devessence Inc.

Devessence Inc is a global software consultancy which takes a boutique approach to client engagement. It believes that successful outcomes are only possible with a complete understanding of a client's business goals, combined with expert software craftsmanship and a pragmatic governance model. Devessence's main area of expertise is custom software development - primarily focused on the Microsoft technology stack. Devessence feels very strongly about software fundamentals and has emphasized this through its brand identity - "the essence of software development".

So if you are looking for professional services related to the Oqtane Framework, please use our Contact form and we will ensure it gets routed to the appropriate party.

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