A Framework For Everyone Designers Developers

Oqtane was inspired by DotNetNuke, the pionering open source .NET CMS. Specifically it supports multi-tenancy, a fully dynamic page compositing model, designer friendly skins, extensibility via third party modules, and a familiar data model

Oqtane was built with creative freedom in mind. We understand the needs and wants of creative professionals. Whether your team chooses to use one of our templates, or to create a fully customized design, our framework supports the creative process. A beautiful, responsive, and efficient application is the result.

Developers are innovative and intelligent professionals with great ideas to offer, but they are often too swamped with mundane tasks to share their special skills. We’ve worked to reduce ramp up time by supplying documentation and sample module templates. That way, valuable members of your team aren’t wasting their time and talents.

We Are Framework Experts

Over the past two decades our community members have built some of the most widely used open source frameworks in the Microsoft ecosystem. We understand what developers need to be efficient and productive. And we highly value our close working relationship with Microsoft.