Importing Users


By: Shaun Walker

Importing user accounts is a common requirement when migrating from one system or environment to another. One way to accomplish this is to use a third party Identity Provider for managing users. The challenge with that approach is that your site or application may have unique needs in regards to security roles or profile information which an Identity Provider is not able to support. So in order to provide the full flexibility to seamlessly onboard users there is often a need for a bulk import capability.

Oqtane 4.0.4 includes the ability to import users from tab delimited text file. The file must be in a specific format, and the application provides a downloadable template to simplify the process. The text file contains columns which relate to various types of information in your installation:

User Import File

  • Email - required
  • Username - (optional) defaults to Email if not provided
  • DisplayName - (optional) defaults to Username if not provided
  • Roles - (optional) comma delimited list of role names. If a role name has not been created previously, it will be added to the site. Note that default roles such as Registered User does not need to be specified as they will be assigned to the user automatically.
  • Profiles - (optional) a list of Profile fields defined for the site. Note that these columns are dynamic so that you can include any custom Profile fields you may have added to your installation (the template includes only the default Profile fields but they can be customized).

** Please note that user photos are not supported, and neither are passwords - all users will be required to set their own individual secure password on their first visit to the site.

The user interface allows the administrator to upload a user import text file. They also have the ability to specify if they want users to be notified by email that a user account has been created for them. Any detailed feedback or errors related to the import process will be available in the Event Log.

Import Users

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