Oqtane 5.0.2 Released


By: Shaun Walker

The 5.0.2 release is primarily focused on stabilization. This includes many user experience improvements as well as a variety of performance and developer productivity enhancements.

New enhancements in this release include the ability to specify Start Date and Expiry Date for both Pages and Modules to provide more granular control over the publishing of content. Support for the HTML Autocomplete attribute has been added to Profile Management to enable the ability to leverage modern browser automatic form completion capabilities. Component rendering performance was optimized by eliminating the unnecessary rendering of components which are being disposed.

A number of significant issues were resolved in this release related to file uploads - both when using a standard web browser with Blazor Server or Blazor WebAssembly, and when using a desktop or mobile client with Blazor Hybrid and .NET MAUI. In addition, the MySQL and PostgreSQL database providers were updated to the latest official .NET 8 packages and received some improvements to handle scenarios which are unique to those database platforms.

To date, the open source project has recorded over 2019 pull requests from 52 contributors and has published 41 official releases, which ranks it among the most active open source projects within the .NET Foundation. The Oqtane framework continues to evolve at a rapid pace to meet the needs of .NET developers. The 5.0.2 release is available for download on Github and is running in production at https://www.oqtane.org, https://www.blazorcms.net, and https://www.blazorkit.net.

Oqtane 5.0.2 Release

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