Oqtane Developers Meeting - Feb 2024


By: Shaun Walker

Developer Meeting: Feb 7, 2024

Status Updates

5.0.2 released on January 25, 2024

  • Pull Requests: 51
  • Commits: 146
  • New Contributors: 1


  • Informational error message if user is attempting to run the application prior to performing a full compilation on source code
  • Fixes to MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Providers
  • Upgraded NuGet packages to .NET 8.0.1
  • Major improvements to docs.oqtane.org
  • File upload issue resolved on .NET MAUI
  • HTML Autocomplete attribute support in Profile fields
  • Page/Module EffectiveDate and ExpiryDate

Oqtane 5.1

Work has started on migration to new Blazor Web approach in .NET 8:

  • Infrastructure changes to enable Global Interactivity
  • App.razor (replaces _Host.cshtml), blazor.web.js, etc...
  • Site property: RenderMode (Interactive, Headless), Runtime (Server, WebAssembly, Auto)
  • Refactor logic in _Host.cshml logic to use Context parameter
  • Regression test to ensure no breaking changes
  • Currently adding support for Static Server-Side Rendering (SSR) - currently blocked by strange rendering issue


Major improvements to Docs site - https://docs.oqtane.org

  • Updated to .NET 8
  • Documentation team meetings kicked off

New Wiki module created


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