Announcing Oqtane 5.1 With Static Server Rendering


By: Shaun Walker

The 5.1 release is a major release providing Oqtane with Static Server Rendering support based on Blazor in .NET 8.

With the release of .NET 8 in November 2024, Blazor became a full-stack web UI framework for developing apps that can render content either interactively or statically. By embracing Static Server rendering (SSR), content can be generated on the server providing superior performance and scalability. And for more interactive scenarios you can still take advantage of Blazor's robust component model to deliver interactive experiences via Interactive Server, WebAssembly, or a new Auto mode which provides the best of both worlds.

With the release of 5.1, Oqtane now utilizes Microsoft's latest recommended patterns for developing full-stack Blazor applications. This new approach has been strategically integrated into Oqtane's existing capabilities to provide multi-tenancy, modularity, and a robust security architecture which allows developers to focus on building applications rather than infrastructure.

The 5.1 release continues to embrace the Oqtane Philosophy, in particular ensuring strong alignment with the technical approaches recommended by Microsoft. For this reason, all new sites created with Oqtane utilize the static render mode by default, which is consistent with the latest Blazor Web project template from Microsoft. That being said, there is a seamless and automated upgrade path from all prior Oqtane releases to the 5.1 release. In addition, all Oqtane modules and themes that were created for prior versions will continue to function properly on 5.1 as the framework remains fully backward compatible.

To date, the open source project has recorded over 2282 pull requests from 54 contributors and has published 42 official releases, which ranks it among the most active open source projects within the .NET Foundation. The Oqtane framework continues to evolve at a rapid pace to meet the needs of .NET developers. The 5.1.0 release is available for download on Github and is running in production at,, and

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