Oqtane 5.1.2 Released


By: Shaun Walker

The 5.1.2 release is primarily focused on stabilization. This includes a variety of user and developer experience improvements, performance optimizations, localization updates, and enhancements for Blazor Static Server Rendering.

The 5.1.2 release has been upgraded to the latest .NET SDK 8.0.5. The Control Panel was enhanced with the ability to add a copy of an existing module to a page. A new Prerendering property was added to the IModuleControl interface which provides developers with more granular control over component rendering behavior. The Language Selection component was enhanced to work in static rendering scenarios, and the entire application was reviewed for missing localization keys. Support was added for "headless" modules which do not have any UI components. And logic was added to provide a consistent browser scroll position when navigating in Blazor static server rendering.

To date, the open source project has recorded over 2390 pull requests from 55 contributors and has published 44 official releases, which ranks it among the most active open source projects within the .NET Foundation. The Oqtane framework continues to evolve at a rapid pace to meet the needs of .NET developers. The 5.1.2 release is available for download on Github and is running in production at https://www.oqtane.org, https://www.blazorcms.net, and https://www.blazorkit.net.

Oqtane 5.1.2 Release

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