Oqtane Developers Meeting - Jan 2024


By: Shaun Walker

Status Updates

2023 Metrics Review

  • Releases: 15
  • Pull Requests: 602
  • Commits: 1305
  • New Contributors: 10

2023 had twice as much activity as 2022. 2023 had major release upgrades from .NET 6 (Oqtane 3.x) to .NET 7 (Oqtane 4.x) to .NET 8 (oqtane 5.x).

Oqtane 5.1

Focus on 5.1 will be integration of Blazor Static Server-Side Rendering (SSR) support. Many concepts already explored via the Oqtane SSR POC. Framework implementation will be approached in 2 phases:

1. Integrate New Blazor Intrastructure and Enable Global Interactivity

  • App.razor (replaces _Host.cshtml), blazor.web.js, etc..
  • New Site property: DefaultRenderMode (Interactive)
  • Migrate some _Host.cshml logic to middleware
  • Regression test to ensure no breaking changes

2. Add Static Server-Side Rendering (SSR) support

  • Add Static option to DefaultRenderMode
  • New Module component property for RenderMode (Interactive/Static)

Michael Washington suggested that it will be important to provide the full justification and context for this change to the community, as many developers may not understand the benefits to the new approach.

Oqtane Marketplace

Enhanced Marketplace to support Webhooks. This allows product owners to be immediately notified of new orders via an HTTP endpoint they implement on their own infrastructure, improving the workflow and automation for order processing.

Oqtane Support Services

Outreach over the past 2 months with Oqtane users has confirmed the demand for commercial support services for the framework. A commercial support offering will be introduced in Q1. Note that this will only offer support/SLAs for the standard open source framework... it will NOT include any feature differentiation (ie. core enhancements, commercial modules, etc...). The support offering will be offered through the Oqtane Marketplace. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Oqtane Documentation

Documentation is a weak point in most open source projects, as it is difficult to find volunteers. In addition, although there are well defined tools and workflows for contributing code to open source projects, documentation often requires completely different tools and workflows. The current Docs repo for Oqtane has not been successful in attracting contributors for the past 2 years and the general consensus is that GitHub is not an optimal authoring mechanism for documentation.

Michael Washington made the suggestion that a specialized Documentation module hosted on a website may be a better approach for managing documentation. A proposal was made to the adapt existing Oqtane Blog module into a simplistic Wiki. This would facilitate multiple users to manage documentation and leverage the capabilities of the Oqtane framework. In regards to content, the original content from the last DNN7 WROX book is available as a starting point and could be adapted to serve the needs for Oqtane.

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